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General Team Rheinelandpfalz Mods

From maps buildings to machines, you will find mods for the "agriculture simulator ".


In our forum you will get support for our mods and you can also talk to other players about any other topic around the "Farming Simulator".

Mods Download

Click here to go to our downloads section. Here you can find all our mods in the latest version for download.

Due to the current situation with unauthorized use of mods and unauthorized

publication on other sites, our team supports the campaign "Respect for Modders!", which was created by lsinfos.de.

Respect for Modders


Here you will find the latest news from Team-Rheinlandpfalz.


there is also the possibility to apply as beta tester, modder, mapper, scripter or as moderator.

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If you want to see your picture as a background for a month then take part in our monthly picture contest.