Terms Of Use

  1. Nutzungsbedingungen

    With the access to "Team-Rheinlandpfalz" a contract is concluded between you and the operator with the following regulations!
    In accordance with § 28 BDSG we contradict every commercial use, passing on and storage of our data.
    General information

    With the registration & registration each user declares himself in agreement with the rules valid here.
    For active participation in Team-Rheinlandpfalz a personal registration is required.
    A double registration under different nicknames is not permitted.

    Great importance is attached to a cultivated tone. One should always keep in mind that everyone invests his free time here.
    Disputes have nothing to do here, should there nevertheless be any, please clarify by means of conversations, and not in public topics.
    Each user is responsible for his own content of the posts, behaves accordingly, prevents insults of any kind and tries to remain factual and with the topic.
    Mod requests, no matter if in the shoutbox, in the gallery, in posts or by PN are not welcome. To search for mods you have to use only the mod search area and follow the rules there. Questions, whether there is a basic model of a seen mod, which you could download, are allowed, as long as it stays within a healthy framework. Violation will be prosecuted without warning.
    Topics and posts
    The search function should not be forgotten when creating new topics. It is possible that such a topic already exists.
    When creating a new topic, you should choose an appropriate title and the correct subforum (category/area).
    Please pay attention to a comprehensible and spelling error free way of expression (nobody is perfect, but everybody can make an effort). Users with LRS can - if they wish - inform a team member about this in order to prevent misunderstandings during the moderation. Posts where the spelling is totally wrong will be deleted and you can expect a warning.
    Quite meaningless and very short answers, such as "I like that very much" or "Super done, keep up the good work" can be seen as spam, we ask you to provide such posts with a little more ingenuity. Otherwise you can count on a warning.
    It can be that the Team-Rheinlandpfalz edits contributions from users to create an error-free (mainly spelling) or more descriptive contribution.
    In order to keep an overview in the forum and to avoid spam, double posts, i.e. two posts by the same user in a row, should be avoided. These are only acceptable if a period of 48 hours has elapsed since the first post. Double posts can be avoided by editing your post and marking it as new in the advanced settings (first click on 'advanced reply' below the post). If you stick to the time limit, up to 3 posts may be underneath each other. However, this is only allowed if editing would not be appropriate. In case of uncertainty, please contact a moderator/administrator.
    Crosspostings (the same topics in several forums) regarding support or the like are not allowed, they are deleted and the user is warned. In some cases it can also lead to a permanent lock! Here the following exception applies: For support threads that contain problems with the game (engine) (it does not include: Mods/Maps/Conversions/...), cross postings in the official Giants Support Forum are allowed.
    Image hosters, which are not allowed due to slow loading times etc., would be: pic-upload.de, directupload.net
    Avatars and Signatures
    Animated avatars are allowed as long as the animation is not unpleasant.
    Avatars that contain advertising for other sites or Team Rhineland Palatinate are not allowed (partner sites excluded).
    Texts and images are allowed in signatures.
    External links are not allowed, they are not displayed.
    In signatures, special care should be taken to ensure that their content does not distract from the actual contribution or even interfere between the individual contributions.
    Spam is not allowed (Many contents that make little sense are called spam).
    Smiley Spam is not allowed: Basically the following applies, whereby this should serve as a rough guideline:
    One smiley per line of text is allowed
    If there are less than 3 lines of text, a total of up to 4 smileys are allowed.
    Illegal content and advertising:
    Advertising is not allowed. Contributions that are only for advertising purposes are not allowed!
    External links are allowed as long as they help and are not out of place.
    Illegal contents are immediately deleted, in addition count:
    - Links/discussions about politically radical topics, parties and groups

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